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The Rugged Press

But First Coffee

But First Coffee

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If you are anything like us, you need your cuppa joe to thrive each day. We made this print with you in mind. Let this be a reminder to others not to bug you before you've had your caffeine fix for the day. This print will look great with any decor and will help justify that next cup of coffee.

Hand-printed on luxurious kraft paper, this print is sure to inspire – caffeinating. Then the text was printed with brown ink and historical wood and metal type. The manicule and other elements were made by Moore Wood Type.

Letterpress printing is a traditional form of printing involving the use of historical letters and designs cut into wood and metal, which are pressed into the surface of the paper to create a tactile embossed effect. This printing method was developed in the 15th century and was widely used for centuries to produce books, posters, business cards, and other printed materials. Today, The Rugged Press and other contemporary printers value letterpress printing for its handmade, visually distinct, and tactile qualities that can not be achieved with digital printing methods.

All our prints are handmade on our beautifully restored 1909 Chandler & Price Old-Style letterpress. She weighs over a ton (don't tell her we told you her weight) and is made of cast iron. She has been printing for over 100 years. The press is foot-powered with a treadle, and each print is fed into the press by hand, one page at a time.

• High-quality craftsmanship: Letterpress printing is considered an art form, and producing a print involves a great deal of skill and attention to detail. This results in high-quality, visually stunning prints that will last a lifetime.
• Unique aesthetic: The embossed effect of letterpress printing creates a unique visual texture that is impossible with other printing methods. The deep impression in the paper creates a distinctive, high-end look that many appreciate.
• Tangible feel: Letterpress printing has a tactile quality that sets it apart from other forms of printing. The raised letters and designs can be felt on the paper's surface, creating a sensory experience you just don't get with digital or offset printing.
• Timeless character: The traditional nature of letterpress printing gives it a timeless quality many people find appealing. The prints produced with this method are often viewed as having a classic, enduring beauty that transcends trends and fashions.

Due to the nature of letterpress printing, individual prints may vary. This is from the handmade aspect of printing and other variables such as the age of the type and ink coverage. This slight variation is part of the beauty of letterpress and what makes each print distinctive.

The Rugged Press is a letterpress and design studio based in Indianapolis, IN, specializing in handmade cards and prints. We print everything on our beautifully restored 1909 Chandler & Price old-style platen printing press. We print our products with historic wood and metal type and cuts. Each item is hand-fed into the press one color and one side at a time.

We fell in love with letterpress printing after taking a couple of classes. One thing led to another, and we purchased a press of our own. We preserve the art and craft of letterpress printing in our studio out of our home. We are building a small collection of antique wood and metal type as well as historic cuts and imagery.

The Rugged Press is an LGBTQ+-owned business. We are proud to support social justice and human rights. Printing is a passion for us. We love creating on the press. In our free time, we design and print things that bring us joy. We hope our cards and prints bring joy to you and yours.

Note: This is sold UNFRAMED

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